• plastic soft tube for ointment
  • plastic soft tube for ointment
  • plastic soft tube for ointment

plastic soft tube for ointment


Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :2024

Supply capacity :600000pcs/week

plastic tube is used for medical industry.Plastic tube squeezes well and softly. plastic soft tube for ointment is a good container for your products. plastic soft tube for medical disorders. tube with twist cap is sold well in foreign market. And you can check the related information of the plastic tube to choose your favorite one to buy.

plastic soft tube

tube for ointment


     First of all, the material choice of cosmetic plastic tubes is crucial to the quality and environmental impact of the product. At present, the widely used plastic tube materials on the market include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and various biodegradable plastics. These materials have their own characteristics, such as PE tube is flexible and strong chemical resistance, while EVA adds vinyl acetate to make the tube softer and more flexible. On the other hand, the exploration of environmentally friendly materials is also increasingly popular, such as the use of sugarcane extraction of bioplastics can not only degrade, but also reduce carbon emissions, both in line with the concept of sustainable development, but also in line with the current consumer green awareness.

  In addition to material innovation, the design of plastic tubes is also evolving. In order to meet the texture and use needs of various cosmetics, the design of tubes is increasingly diverse. Whether it is a cream, sunscreen, cosmetic product, the export design of plastic tubes is constantly optimized to ensure that the product is easy to squeeze and avoid contamination. Some plastic tubes use a unique anti-backflow design to ensure that the remaining contents will not backflow into the tube interior, effectively keeping the product fresh and sanitary. At the same time, the innovative single-hand open cover design and the unique rotating head design also make consumers more convenient to use.

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