• Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board
  • Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board
  • Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board
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Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board

Brand :CMC

Product origin :Yantai

Delivery time :2023

Supply capacity :1000pcs/week

Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board is used for cutting vegetables, fruits and meat ,bones, seafood and so on . non slip cutting board is safe and smooth,can be used in hotel, restaurant and home .Plastic cutting board shape is round.

Non Slip Cutting Board

sushi cutting board

non slip cutting board

cutting board

Namechopping board with handle (Plastic Non Slip Sushi Cutting Board)
MaterialPE material with international standard
Application rangeHome kitchen,restaurant, snack bar and so on


Plastic cutting board: Plastic cutting board is mostly made of polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.Advantages: no mold, easy to clean, strong impact resistance, not broken, long service life. After several years of use, the surface is polished with a grinding wheel and looks like new again.

Disadvantages: the plastic cutting board is not resistant to high temperature, hot things are cut on sushi cutting board, it is easy to deform, and it is not suitable for cutting some fat food, otherwise it is not good to clean. Some cutting board contains lead, cadmium and other plasticizers, long-term use and even carcinogenic risk.


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sushi cutting board

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