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  • Plastic Good Chicken Cutting Board
  • Plastic Good Chicken Cutting Board
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Plastic Good Chicken Cutting Board

Brand :CMC

Product origin :Yantai

Delivery time :2023

Supply capacity :1000pcs/week

Plastic Good Chicken Cutting Board is used for cutting vegetables, fruits and meat ,bones, seafood and so on . good cutting boards are safe and smooth,plastic cutting board can be used in outdoor or home. The cutting board seems flexible.

Plastic Good Chicken Cutting Board(Plastic Board)

chicken cutting board


Plastic cutting board is a kind of cutting board commonly used in modern kitchens. They are easy to clean and lightweight, so they are very easy to carry and store plastic board. Plastic cutting boards are generally cheaper than wooden ones and less prone to bacteria. However, the plastic cutting board is easy to be worn by the knife, and the use of a long time is easy to produce knife marks, and the knife marks will breed bacteria, so it needs to be replaced regularly. In addition, plastic cutting board is not suitable for high temperature baking, because high temperature will cause the plastic good cutting boards deformation and release harmful substances. Plastic cutting board is suitable for cutting meat ingredients and cooked food, but it is not suitable for cutting root ingredients, because its hardness may damage the board.

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