On the eve of the 134th "May 1st" International Labor Day, Longkou Federation of Trade Unions held

On the eve of the 134th "May 1st" International Labor Day, Longkou Federation of Trade Unions held the "Chinese Dream & Beauty of Labor" celebration "May 1st" International Labor Day and Longkou Artisans and model Workers (artisans) Innovation Studio Award Show in Studio No. 1 of City Media Center. City leaders Chang Hailiang, Sun Ping, Cheng Baogong attended the event. The award-winning personnel and employee representatives of Dawn Group gathered together with representatives of workers from all walks of life in the city to celebrate the festival.

During the event, Wang Hong, R&D director of Dawn Shares, was awarded the "Longkou Artisan" in 2023. Prior to March 6, Director Wang Hong was awarded the "Top Ten female workers in Yantai". This time, Dawn added "Longkou Craftsman", which is not only a high recognition of the enterprise, but also praised Dawn people's "professionalism, professional level, winning ability, entrepreneurial passion".

Labor is the most beautiful strength. Dawn Chemical staff with song and dance "Do not forget the original heart" to ingenuity, to the future, the dance and singing are full of passion, showing the Dawn people unity and struggle, the pursuit of excellence spirit and vigorous upward, valiant mission.

Labor writes the new age, struggling to create a better future. In the next step, Dawn Group will uphold the "product as the root, people-oriented, technology-led, customer first" business philosophy, carries forward the "three spirits", gather striving force, call on the majority of employees love their jobs, innovation and creation, writes the most beautiful labor chapter, and promote the enterprise to cultivate and develop new quality productivity.

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