"In this new era of competition, we must use action to prove that the youth is not egoist, lying flat, but the new journey of devotees, striving!"

"In this new era of competition, we must use action to prove that the youth is not egoist, lying flat, but the new journey of devotees, striving!" On May 9th, Sun Siyuan from Dao Zhou (Qingdao) Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd. stood out and won the first prize in the final of the speech contest of Dawn Group with the theme of "Planting national feelings, Striving to inspire youth".

The competition, which is open to new employees who are graduates of the class of 2023 and above and who joined the company before September, attracted more than 160 contestants in management, production, research and development, marketing and other positions. It took more than 1 month, after selection, preliminary and preliminary competitions, the final 18 players qualified for the final. "They are full of blood and confidence, determined to write the song of youth on the big stage of Dawn," said Liu Lili, vice president of Dawn Group and vice dean of Dawn Business School, who hosted the event.

Over the past 30 years, Dawn Group has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the training and growth of young talents from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. Secretary Jiang Heng said, "The youth present here is the future shape of Dawn's commitment to building a 'community of interests, a community of business, a community of destiny'."

"Struggle is the most beautiful background color of youth", Chairman Yu Xiaoning put forward three points of hope for the majority of young people. Firstly, to be strong in ambition, have the courage to adhere to the truth, established the correct "three views", and accumulate positive energy in the true learning and true faith; secondly, to harden the backbone, dare to overcome difficulties, win customer trust with high-quality products and excellent service, and break through monopoly with scientific and technological innovation; The third is to store up confidence, be good at planning for the long term, closely focus on strategic goals, contribute youth and wisdom in promoting the development of chain development, and leave a regret-free struggle footprint for building "tens of millions of billions" industrial parks.

       Youth is the hope of the company. Yantai CMC plastic packages co.,ltd. was founded in 1992, manufacturing plastic bottles, plastic tubes and plastic caps and so on. The products are sold well in domestic and foreign market.

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